The Darkroom Project is an organization that gives a voice and platform to vulnerable populations empowering them to tell their story. By providing cameras and teaching others how to document their lives through photography, The Darkroom Project educates, inspires, and raises funds to offer educational opportunities to struggling populations.



After spending years living abroad, traveling the world, adventuring, teaching, and volunteering, Matthew Stackowicz returned to the beautiful state of Indiana to continue his journey of educational reform.  Currently he is studying for his doctorate of education at Bethel University in hopes to contribute to the research on refugee relocation and educational disparities. Matthew lives and breathes his passion for vulnerable children through his photography, art, and involvement in the community.  This project was birthed as a result of his dedication to seeking truth and sharing untold stories.

Sky Lohse is originally from Minneapolis, but now calls Quetzaltenango, Guatemala home.  She is the principal at an international school.  She holds her doctorate from Bethel University where her research focuses on improving attendance for working children in Guatemala and microfinance programs.  Sky is a storyteller, and believes in the power of the narrative to give a voice to those who have been silenced.

Matthew and Sky met during their first doctoral residency, but didn't start dreaming of this project until a year later.  Their collaboration stems from the belief they share that all have intrinsic value and that all stories must be heard.  They believe in fighting for vulnerable populations and that beauty exists in unlikely places, even those of hardship and pain.  Finally, Matthew and Sky believe that the catalyst for change stems from education.  It is what drives them to teach and create, seek after beauty, and research educational policy reform.