The Men and Women of Clubhouse




Who am I?  I am Arthur.  I am a survivor.

I am a Christian.  I am an uncle and a great uncle and a great great uncle.  I wish we had Sunshine Clubhouse back, but as Paul reminds us Sunshine Clubhouse is "people not the building."  I am a proud member of the World Peace Organization.

Who was I?

I've had anxiety since I was 14 years old.  I was a college student at 17.  That's when my illness kicked in.  I was a runner.  I would run away from my foster home, or halfway house, even the hospital or residential care facility.  Twelve years ago my sister was looking for me.  I had stayed at a residential care facility and my sister called me.  We were about 1,000 miles away from each other.  I had kept saying on the phone, "I love you, I love you, I love you!"  My sister picked me up about a week later and here I am!  I didn't know anything about Indiana and I'm still learning.

Who will I become?

This darkroom  project project was difficult.  I don't intend on being a professional photographer.  Whatever Jesus wants me to do, I want to be a witness for God.





My name is Barb Jones from South Bend, Indiana.  At a young age, I became a parent.  I am proud of my son who graduated from IU, Bloomington.  I have supported him 100% through his life.  I am also a recovering alcoholic.  I understand life as a challenge and I also receive help at Oaklawn.  Although life has been tough, I am very confident.  I am growing in all areas of my life and am blessed to have the Lord and Savior in my life.  I also attend Unity Church of Peace.

I am spunky.



My name is Christopher.  I started my adult life diagnosed with schizophrenia.  I have struggled with this diagnosis for many years.  I have helped others on their way to recovery and life improvement.  Now I am high functioning in my disease and under control from the right medications I take.  I live with my sister who looks out for me.  I want to work in the mental health field and pass on my experiences to others who are struggling with mental illness.

I am going to school and starting to understand that there is nothing I can't accomplish.  I am studying in the mental health field but now I am looking for motivation and hobbies for my free time.  Photography makes me feel creative and pictures help me express my point of view without words.

I am fascinated.




I am Denise.

I am a blooming flower.

It shows people how scented I am.

Adults, babies, and many more people come to me.

I bloom in the spring.

I go to sleep until pretty soon you'll see me rise again.


My name is John.  I am sensibly optimistic, somewhat impulsive, have varied interests.  Right now they are my dog, my collection of tin robots, my garden and mental health recovery.  Foremost, I especially care about other people and their strengths and not their weaknesses.

I sense that photography will aid in demonstrating all of these feelings through my eyes, and the eyes of others.  I've seen the dark stormy days, have seen the lightning and heard the thunder, and felt the gloom of overcast skies.  I have experienced the ecstasy of the sunny days too.  I am bewildered by it all, but accepting and grateful to be here for a while.

My passionate desire is to see the stigma associated with mental illness vanish altogether.  I do not consider that this will happen in most of society anytime soon, but if I can shed a little light in just a small, shadowed corner with my art and other efforts, I will have slaked my thirst and left my legacy.

I believe in hope and passion.






My name is Karen. 

I like to walk in the parks and take pictures.  I am at home in nature.

I am easygoing. 




My name is Martha.

The sky calls me.

I am energized and transformed by photography.

The sky calls to me and I listen.




My name is Pam.  I am a single mother of 4, grandmother of 9, sister of 3, and a foster mother of many.  I have a compassionate heart that is demonstrated to all I meet.

Life has been difficult at times with the fear of taking the next step into the unknown, yet with faith and perseverance I am becoming an entrepreneur.  The next step is scary, but when passion leads the way, the road seems less intimidating.

I am becoming.


Autonomous: being able to come and go as one pleases, being free to choose.

My name is Patricia.  At age 61, I can say this is true about 90%.  Prior to this age, I didn't even know the word autonomous existed or its meaning till I took a personality test.  Currently, perhaps the only thing holding me back would be living on a fixed income.  However, the flip side of that is having a guaranteed income from disability.  My two sons are grown and on their own.  I am widowed since 1991 and am currently not in a relationship.  I am not employed but do volunteer work at a grade school two days a week.  I am also active in my church.  My time can be used however I wish.  I feel the reasons I was not able to be autonomous before age 61 were: raising two boys, being married to a chronic alcoholic, tending to aging parents (who are now deceased), working full time and taking college courses.  I had lots of responsibilities.  Perhaps some were self-imposed.  With my freedom comes responsibilities to myself, society, and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to use my time and talents for His glory.  I am truly blessed. "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed."



My name is Todd and I have had many highs and lows throughout my life.  I am currently going back to school to become a freelance graphic artist specializing in website creation.  I am studying visual communications and plan to go for a bachelor's degree.  I believe I can do great things by using the World Wide Web as my playground.  I started out very poor.  I come from a broken, dysfunctional family and have had many challenges to overcome, yet with the support of my family and friends I have been able to do things that most people only dream of.  I have traveled throughout the United States, lived outside New York City for 20 years and been to Italy and England.  I thank the entire United States for giving me financial aid and allowing me to go to college right after high school and now at age 49, with hard work, I will succeed.  At age 48 I have been given a second chance and I will not let this slip by.  I have had a full life up to now.  For this...

...I am grateful.