My name is Bianca.

I am 29 years old and from a family of seven; six sisters and one brother. I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood. My mother raised me well. She taught me the importance of manners, respect for others, and independence as an individual. I can say that my life WAS going as planned. I was blessed with a beautiful son in 2006 and then I obtained a degree in my lifelong dream, early childhood education. Three years ago my life unexpectedly changed for the worst when I made the worst mistake of my life by getting a class D felony on my record. I never knew how much disappointment this tragedy would bring to me and my child’s life. This felony has turned my life in a complete 360 degree circle for the worst. I’m unable to obtain employment due to this felony being on my record, even with an associate degree. This breaks my heart because working with children was one of my lifelong dreams. Even though the world judges me and won’t give me a chance to prove myself, I will continue to strive above and beyond the limits set by society. I will reach my ultimate dream which is to be successful.

I am determined.