I am Charmaine.

I am a 43 year old boring mother, grandmother, stepmother, fiance. I joined this wonderful project just cause I learn to love new things. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

I am a caregiver.






My name is Fannie.

I am the proud mother of eight children, grandmother of thirty-seven , and great grandmother of thirty-eight.  My passion for writing extends far beyond the imagination.

Giving of myself warms my heart, sending me into a state of self-worth.

Returning to school, and acquiring a degree has inspired a number of my children and grandchildren to do the same.  This makes me very proud.

Writing and art sends me into a space of peace.  I feel a strong feeling of God’s presence when I’m there.


I am a person with overwhelming confidence to do what I can to motivate those in my area of dominant influence.







My name is Jamien.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, student, survivor.

I'm a single mother of four, two boys and two girls.  I'm a full time college students studying to be a youth social worker.  I'm a giver by heart and I love to lend a helping hand.  I use art to get away from life's chaos.  Art is a brief release from my everyday struggle.  It's my peace in the midst of the storm.  I'm here alone with no family other than my children and my journey is a little different from those who have a support system, but still I manage to get things done, stay positive and rise about my situation.  It's not the easiest, however, I have dreams and goals for accomplish and more importantly children that depend on me, so I appear to remain strong through it all.

I am determined to excel in life.










I am Gladys, and I live in South Bend, Indiana.  I will rise above my problems and I will survive.  I use art to show where I am coming from and where I am going.

I am a survivor.






My name is Kimberly.

I am from Gary, Indiana.  I have been here for a year.  I have a family- a six month old girl, her name is Kimberaya Dalieh and she has an eighteen year old sister, her name is Princess and one more sister in Africa.  I make art because I like color and I don’t have pictures of myself and to learn new things.  I feel free with pictures and art makes me a people person and outgoing and happy.  To me, my art means being happy and helping myself grow and helping people by telling my story of me and my family.  It means joy.











My name is Jacque.

I am a self-driven, positive woman from Kenya and I chose to participate in this program because of my love for pictures of myself and my social life.  The Darkroom Project gave me the opportunity to develop an eye for good photography and good picture-taking skills.


I am ambitious.







My name is Robbie.  I am a forty two year old mother and grandmother.  I decided to be a part of this project in order to let go of my past, embrace the present, and accept myself for the future.  I find I can do this through photography.  I am able to express feelings and emotions in photos rather than words.

I am finding myself.









My name is Elizabelle.  I am one of fourteen children.  I have five daughters and many grandchildren- fourteen to be exact.  I am a people person.  I am a hopeful, happy person.  I like to talk and share as well.  I am called Liz or Ann by my family and friends sometimes.  I do art, make art, as a way to express myself.  I like to do art such as writing, drawing, doodle, diddle.  The freedom of taking pictures is great.  Lots of memories.  To me, art means staying connected.  It is soothing and relaxing.  My art can be a conservation piece.  It’s about staying alive.

I am someone that leads by example.